Georgina, Lake Simcoe


When: July 3-5, 2015

Total length: 2 days

Weather: 25 °C and sunny in day, cooler nights

Getting There

This was a perfect and easy getaway with my friends over the Canada Day long weekend. Since it was only about at hour and a half from my house, we took my vehicle. Georgina is on Lake Simcoe and is only an hour and 10 minutes or so from Pearson International Airport. The cottage actually offers a $5 rate to take York transit (as long as you qualify for accessible transit anywhere you live) that will drive you door to door.

The Cottage

We planned this trip with only 3 weeks before departure, so it was hard finding a place that was available, reasonably priced and accessible. It was also hard to even find places online. So it took a little more research, but I finally found the perfect cottage. It is Eaglewood Resort, a place that actually specializes in cottages specifically for wheelchair users!

The website was pretty basic, and held a lot of promises (great price- almost too good, large washrooms etc) so I was skeptical. The resort was recently purchased by new owners, so the website is a bit outdated with old photos of the cottages. It was also not easy to get a hold of someone. I booked it and then just hoped for the best. Luckily I wasn’t disappointed!

x x x x

The front of the cottage has a ramp that leads to a large (shared amongst 2 cottages) deck. There is ample sitting space and a picnic table that had the seats removed so wheelchairs can get in. The grass area is smooth, and has a fire pit. There are at least 6 cottages (we stayed in #6) on the land. Ours overlooked a pretty pond. A barn with horses, mini horses and fowl were there.  As previously mentioned, the resort was recently purchased from a new owner. Many renovations are currently going on, which include complete renos of the main house, the rec room, and the cottages themselves. I can’t wait to come back another year and see it all done. There’s even talks of a pool!

x x x x

This was a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom cottage. It was huge! if you came with a larger person party, you can open up the divider door between the 2 cottages. All of the cottage had recently been redone with new floors, tiles and painted walls. The living room came with a tv and basic cable. The kitchen was sufficient, but could have some better utensils. You can probably ask for them, or they will be updated when the cottage becomes more established. There was also a bbq outside.

Something that I took notice were the subtle accessible accommodations added. There was space to get under the sink and stove, there were 2 hoyer lifts available, and there were pocket doors with large handles.

x x x

The bathroom was great. There was a raised toilet, walk in shower, shower seat, handles on the toilet, hand held shower head, lowered light switch, and spacing under the sink. The light could have been brighter, but I think they are adding one in soon.


As mentioned, there were 2 bedrooms with large beds (space underneath the beds for hoyer lifts). My bedroom even had a door to get outside in. The mattresses looked of high quality.

The website of the cottage also boasts a campground with an accessible permanent tent-like structure. They say there is an accessible outhouse.

Sibbald Point

There isn’t a body of water larger than the pond close by (the pond is swimmable), so we decided to take a drive to Sibbald Point Provincial Park. Accessible vans are $10 for the day. Lake Simcoe is very large and pretty, as well as the park. It was a beautiful day, which meant tons and tons of people were at the park. We didn’t get there until 3:30ish, which actually worked in our favour. By then, people with small children were packing up for the day. This left us with better sitting areas to take after each person left. We started off on the grass and worked our way to a table, and eventually to a private waterfront area. There are places to BBQ as well. There is a convenience store and accessible washrooms (I didn’t go to check them out- I should have!).

x x x x x

Our picnic table was right in front of the water.


It can get quite loud on busy days. You might be able to find quieter spots further into the park.

The rest of the weekend was spent eating, talking with friends and reading books. Nice and relaxing! I can’t wait to visit this place again.

x x

What I would do when I visit again:

~ Visit the town area of Georgina. We brought all our own food, so we didn’t need to venture out

~ Check out the close-by beach area that the cottage owners mentioned

~Not bring so much food, we were only gone 2 nights!